Anne Bracegirdle

Co-Founder, Early adopter of art and blockchains potential for transformation.

Susan de Menil

Co-Founder, Cultural Heritage Thought Leader.

Amy Whitaker

Consortium Member – Professor at NYU, painter, writer, economist, longtime blockchain/NFT researcher.

Vanessa Grellet

Consortium Member – Head of Portfolio Growth @,President of BSIC.

Michelle Ann Gitliz

Consortium Member – General Counsel, Flexa Network Inc. Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency Advisor.

Lèna Saltos

Consortium Member – Associate General Counsel at URBN, Global Director of Intellectual Property.

Lees Romano

Consortium Member – Gallerist, Art + Technology Thinker, Black Cowboys in the Old West Researcher.

Fiona Greenland

Consortium Member – Associate Professor of Sociology at University of Virginia.

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