Frances Liddell

Frances Liddell is a researcher and lecturer working at the intersection of museum practice, the arts, and web3 technologies. Her PhD research was one of the first empirical research studies that implemented blockchain application in museums. Working with National Museums Liverpool, UK, this research examined to what extent blockchain disrupts our understanding on ownership, authority, and authenticity in museum theory and practice. Her research interests continue with these lines of enquiry and focuses more specifically on the themes of digital reciprocation and guardianship through which she aims to understand how web3 technologies might support a more ‘distributed museum’. Outside of research, Frances is a lecturer in Cultural Practices at University of Manchester, UK, she also teaches the ‘Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies & NFTs’ MA course elective at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, UK. In addition, Frances works as a consultant, aiming to share her knowledge and help to bridge the gap between the cultural sector and web3 technologies.

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