Vision & Goals

Our goal is to provide an overarching governing structure for all blockchains that serve as the foundation for cultural heritage ownership. We seek to find common ground — in collaboration with global stakeholders — to drive the implementation of blockchain within this sector.

Create Common Standards

We are platform and vendor agnostic — just as diverse technologies currently support the arts, so too will diverse blockchains.


We seek to provide an overarching governing structure and develop technology architectures that serve as the foundation for cultural heritage ownership.

Building Communities

Collaborative projects bridging cultural heritage artifacts and appropriate technologies are the key to new  paradigms and inclusive communities. 

Our Ecosystem

Museums, Collectors, Auction Houses, Source Countries, Governments, Origin Communities all participate in the multi-stakeholder, stewardship-oriented models created.

Blockchain as a solution for cultural heritage disputes

Few institutions are exploring ways advanced technology can help drive dialogue and new solutions for cultural heritage disputes. This is a problem we are committed to solving, and the time to do so is now. With blockchain technology, we build opportunities for positive change, inclusivity, and transformation. Join us.

Zero-Sum Game

A zero-sum game describes a relationship where one person’s gain is the other person’s loss. The phrase comes from game theory and the notion that if one person wins and the other person loses, this produces a net gain of zero.

In a non-zero-sum game, both parties can be stewards and a win-win situation is created and a net positive sum.

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