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Our Work

For decades debate over ownership of cultural artifacts has challenged museums, auction houses, art dealers, and collectors. The zero-sum solution seemed to be the only way to resolve these matters, AABC has pioneered studies that provide inclusive, ethical solutions that respect and recognize all parties.


Working with colleges and universities to develop art+ technology curriculum and interdisciplinary study to advance the reimaging of ownership of cultural property.


Advising cultural institutions, private collectors, auction houses and governments on nuanced shared digital collaborations to increase efficiency and equity in the world of cultural objects and repatriation.

Governance & Standards

Imagining new paradigms to address today and tomorrow through thought leadership and consensus creation on the development of technology architectures which will serve as the foundation for cultural heritage ownership.

Who We Are

AABC is a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds.

A consortium of women from diverse professional backgrounds providing unparalleled expertise in the area of cultural heritage issues.

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