• Digital Twins
  • Authentication
  • NFT


Digital Twin of Object from the Spelman College Art Museum


AABC and MIRA collaborated on a project with the Spelman College Museum of Art studying an African object from museum’s collection. The initiative was in furtherance of the academic work done with students in the Curatorial Practicum Spring 2021.  AABC designed co-curriculum and guest speakers to integrate the use of technology into the study of provenance and cultural objects as well as potential models for repatriation.

MIRA is a leader in digital imaging for fine art and has made it possible to definitively tie an authentication to an object in a way that persists over time. We use sophisticated imaging technology and deep learning algorithms to understand the microscopic details – the “DNA” – of an object to create a unique digital signature inextricably tied to it. This signature is securely stored alongside full cataloguing information on an NFT that lives with the owner of the physical work. The signature can then be used to re-identify the physical object, forever into the future, even as it undergoes regular wear and tear. it will ensure that the work can always be distinguished from copies… no matter how sophisticated.